Food and drink deals around you

Explore the best food and drink deals around you.
Discover new eats and save your dollars.


UTOR is a free app that shows you the best food and drink deals around you.
UTOR doesn’t use coupons.

Food and drink deals

Explore the best food
and drink deals and
save your dollars.

Try new eats

Discover deals for eats
around you or for any location
of your choice.

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Follow your favorite places to get notified when new deals are available.

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  • Want to save your dollars when dining out?

    UTOR shows you the best food and drink deals around you. Enjoy dining out while saving your dollars.

  • Don’t want to miss food and drink deals around you?

    Receive notifications when new deals are posted. With UTOR, you never miss out on the best food and drink deals around you.

  • Looking for new eats?

    Explore deals for many food and drink establishments. Discover new eats and change up your dining routine with UTOR.

  • Tired of coupons?

    The UTOR app is free and it doesn’t use coupons.

What people are saying about UTOR

Perfect for college students!

 Best app for college students like me always trynna save money on food! Much easier than having to google each restaurant...  

by charliesargs – Mar 10, 2020

Great app!!

 I no longer have to call places to see when there specials are. I can just look at the app and figure out where/when a happy hour or discount deals are!  

by troyboii933 – Mar 8, 2020

Good for new places

 App for when you visit new places. Good list of restaurants and lots of deals. Appreciate the fact that they don’t use coupons 

by 30131993 – Feb 29, 2020

New 5

 Amazing concept! Never seen something like this before. Easy way to find the best deals around town  

by jackrowan22 – Feb 28, 2020


 Finally someone made a clear and easy to use app to see the restaurant deals around me! Can’t wait for all my favorite restaurants to be on it  

by Giazzo97 – Feb 24, 2020

Dining out

 The restaurants I like post deals on the app quite often,good alternative when you need to decide where to have dinner 

by sisotti – Feb 23, 2020


 The concept allowing restaurants to post their deals, no coupons,no emails... 😍 

by phenryO2 – Feb 21, 2020

About time

 About time someone made an app like this! Finally an app that shows food and drink deals in my area ! 

by Braccobaldosss – Feb 20, 2020

Excellent App

 Great app for finding deals, we check everyday for new deals 

by Hotchilespice – Feb 2, 2020

Great app!

 Finally a great app where I can find wonderful deals around me, follow my favorite restaurants in town and it’s really easy to use it. Simply amazing!  

by rachrugg – Jan 16, 2020

Food dealsss

 Good app to see food deals also easy to use  

by american__eagle – Jan 12, 2020

Love it

 Finally an app that doesn’t use coupons. Love it!  

by lella_srq – Jan 12, 2020

Im in college and love this

 Epic app, saves me a lot of money every time I go eat out. Wish I had this when I was in college.  

by ferri95 – Dec 3, 2019

Great for foodies

 Finally an app that lets me take advantage of restaurant deals.  

by Emanuello1 – Nov 26, 2019

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